No one really knows what a baby sees even though we’ve all seen it at one point.

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Your brain has to delete all of your baby memories to make storage room for pooping on a toilet.


Maybe they see a world but with little to no context. To know something, you must know what it is not.


Idk if u would believe me but i remember running upto my dad’s arms when i was 4, The only difference is that everyone was gigantic


My earliest memory is one from when I was about 10 months old. Like u/ItsTylerBrenda my parents told me I couldn’t possibly remember, cause the item in my memory was binned when we moved house when I was 10 months old. I have loads of memories from childhood but from that age, as well as subsequent memories from early childhood, the memories are mostly filled with feelings. I remember seeing my mum after a toy was suddenly out of reach (ie I must have dropped it) and I felt such intense joy at seeing her I don’t recall the toy mattering anymore after that.


I believe you don’t actually start processing what you see until at least a year old