Nurses of reddit, what’s the most entertaining thing someone has said coming off of anesthesia?

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When I got my wisdom teeth out, the nurse was trying to wake me up and said, “okay, it’s time to open your eyes. Can you open your eyes for me?” I said, “Say pleee-eease!” She said please very nicely, and I opened my mouth as wide as I could


A man asked me if his body parts still belong to him and I still think about it lmao


Patient here with a great story nonetheless. When I got my wisdom teeth removed, I apparently had a religious experience (I’m agnostic) 😅. I told my mom (who was with me) that I saw people walking on water. Next, I kept telling her that I saw Jesus. Apparently, when the female nurse came back into the room I did the Catholic sign of the cross and whispered to my mom, “That’s him. That’s Jesus.” The nurse lost her shit.


I had a male patient who as he woke up mumbled “I’m not pregnant?!”


Did a short stint in recovery as part of my graduate program. I got proposed to a couple of times. Same guy would walk past me in the corridor a day later and not recognise me!