Oregon man freed after starting brush fire set six more: cops | KYR News

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Portland has a long rich history of releasing criminals who have mental problems and go right back to doing whatever you just booked them for. Nevermore the protests, this shit has been going on my whole life here


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the period in-between his arrests was less than 24 hours. Dude had determination.


The title makes it sound like the man who set fire to seven fires said the word, “cops.”


“No one could have predicted this.”


True story. My buddy Norman had mental issues. He used to go around with a slingshot, shooting stones at the insulators on power poles. The police would pick him up, hold him overnight, then let him go in the morning. He would eventually find a new slingshot, then go right back to shooting the insulators off the power poles. One weekend, the short circuit started a fire, and they had no choice. The recognized his mental issues and put him into state care. For two years they worked on therapy. He eventually came up for “consideration of reintegration into society”. I was his support person at the review board. The board got right to the point. *”So, Mister Petterson. Norman. If we release you from here today, what will you do?”* *”Imma gonna get me a slingshot and shoot the little clay things on them poles!”* Yeah. He messed it up. But he got another chance a year later. But you guessed it. Same question. Same answer: *”Sir. Imma gonna get me a slingshot and shoot the little clay things on them poles!”* Well, I couldn’t see him in there for life. So I went in there myself. Met with him weekly, and tried to explain to this simple buddy of mine that he needed to stop telling them about the slingshot. So I worked him up a story. We practiced, and practiced. It was two years more before he got another shot at release, and I was right there. *”Norman. You’re up for release again today. Tell me what you’re going to do if you get back into society.”* *”Well, sir. I’m gonna go to a bar, and get me a couple of beers.”* Brilliant. Exactly as we practiced. *”Very good, Norman. Very good. And then?”* We had planned for a follow-up. This was fine. *”And then…”* (he looks at me and I nod, he’s got this) *”…then I’m gonna get a girl and go off with her.”* Perfect. Nailed it. Done. Dusted. *”I see, Norman. And with this girl?”* OK, hadn’t planned for that. He’s gonna have to improvise. *”I’m gonna take offer her knickers!”* Brilliant! DONE! But the creepy son-of-a-bitch board member isn’t done. He snickers. *”And then?”* *”Then Imma gonna pull the elastic out of her knickers and make me a slingshot an’ Imma gonna shoot the clay bits off them poles!”*