People lacking self esteem at least have plenty of self awareness.

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Not really. If you think you’re a piece of shit and that nothing you ever do or say is worthwhile then you’re wrong. You’re concentrating exclusively on the negative and are therefore *lacking* in self awareness.


Actually it’s a lack of self awareness. This was a self-validation post that backfired.


The same could be said about people with body dysmorphia. Doesn’t make the awareness accurate.


I always try and humble myself and I always call myself ugly because my physical features are bad to me. I try to stray away from being cocky because I once was cocky and wanted all the attention and was going to not ever want love. That was a lie once lived because I actually do like falling in love. And heartbreak isn’t so bad for me. It’s a relief and a release of emotions and makes me feel better and more human. I’m not like the other people that try and hide my feelings. I’ve cried in front of a group of girls before.


I’d rather be stupid than sad