Recently learned the hard way about “full” refund cancellations on Airbnb

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Did you contact support and find that out? I would still pursue for the $100 refund. I would not feel comfortable canceling a reservation unless I was certain the other one goes through. It doesn’t make sense that that penalizes you from getting the full refund.


Did you cancel the first one before making the 2nd overlapping reservation? If so, then I think you should be able to get a refund. If they were overlapping I can see why they do this. I could reserve 10 different places all at once and then a few weeks before travel cancel 9 of them,… that would really screw over the system because it locks out a bunch of rentals from everybody and the landlords may not fill those time slots,… all because some guy is sitting on multiple reservations for the same day with no intention of renting all of them.


Same thing happened to me recently. Support was quick to refund the fee, but somewhere in their policy it says you only get a limited number of these. They sure make it hard to find their customer support contact though.


There were some articles recently about Airbnb scams where the host was using other people’s property and canceling at the last minute, causing hundreds of dollars in cancelation fees. Even though the story was widely publicized, support refused to handle the problem. Ever since then I’ve been pretty hesitant to book through them again.


On every reservation I’ve ever done it says full reservation minus the service fee right there on the cancellation section.