Religion is fast going down the tubes in America | ONE of the world’s leading social scientists, Ronald Inglehart, claims the US is experiencing a more dramatic shift away from religion than any other nation. One reason: Trump and Republicans.

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Thank fucking Christ.


Fifteen years ago, I would’ve considered myself a conservative evangelical with a sprinkling of light skepticism. Ten years ago I would’ve been a socially liberal, fiscally conservative, non denominational christian. Five years ago, I was a left leaning democrat and religiously agnostic Now I see both the republican party and evangelical Christianity as the most dangerous threat to the freedom and democracy that the world has faced since WWII. Fuck Donald Trump and Gawd can suck my dick.


Not fast enough.


The Bush administration was the catalyst for me leaving christianity.


Religion is nearing extinction among the young. I live in a heavily Hispanic town in the conservative Central Valley of California. Among my peers, I know more atheists then I do religious people, and it’s a clear majority when you factor in people who basically just call themselves Christians and don’t really hold any deeper beliefs. I remember seeing an article from Pew about a year ago that said a majority of Hispanics no longer identify as catholic, and I absolutely believe it seeing what I’m seeing in my community.