SEC Examining Nikola Over Short Seller’s Fraud Allegations

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Nothing to see here NKLA shareholders, move along. No fraudulent activity whatsoever /s


Looking at Nikola was an educational experience for me. More specifically, I know who is more trustworthy in the finance journalism/analyst community. 1. FT and Bloomberg are willing to write hard-hitting, critical articles. This is not surprising, since FT was the one who brought down Wirecard. 2. Yahoo Finance and CNBC are jokers. The way that they pretended yesterday that Nikola put out a detailed, point by point rebuttal to Hindenburg was pretty funny. They obviously didn’t read the damn thing. I guess if you are a cable TV journalist, a block of text larger than a paragraph confuses you. 3. You can convinve a single equity analyst from a prestigious bank to give you good ratings, and then pretend that you got institutional backing of those banks. Paul Coster from JPM is an example, who reiterated his buy rating on Nikola. He’s apparently been reiterating buy all throughout Nikola’s descent from its previous high valuations, and doesn’t have a great track record.


Lmao the saddest thing is if you dare to say anything negative towards Nikola in the subreddit, you will be instantly banned. I’m 100% sure the sub is ran by the same idiot who runs the company, they will delete anything that they don’t agree with to try and paint a pretty picture.




As someone put it: “Nikola is the corporate equivalent of the Fyre Festival”.