South Dakota agency: AG reported hitting deer, but hit man

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Former governor of S Dakota killed a guy few years back. He’d drive 80-100 on back roads, never stopping at stop signs.


“Ravnsborg [the AG] has received six traffic tickets for speeding in South Dakota over the last six years. He also received tickets for a seat belt violation and for driving a vehicle without a proper exhaust and muffler system. ” Someone doesn’t respect laws. Also, Pierre, the capital of SD, is pronounced like pier. Source, I grew up in Pierre.


Fun fact: he would be the *second* AG of South Dakota to be convicted of vehicular manslaughter Former AG Bill Janklow being the other, served as AG in the 70s and then was convicted of manslaughter in 2004. Notably, Janklow was Governor of SD at the time, he hadn’t retired.


Whenever someone comes out and says they weren’t drinking without being asked, you can guarantee that they were sloshed off their gourd.


I remember when Attorney General was a respected position. Now it seems like some of our worst people are AGs.