The climate refugees are here. They’re Americans. The 2020 wildfire season in California is already the most destructive in the state’s history — exceeding the record set in 2018, which in turn beat the record set in 2017.

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We have them in the UK as well, slightly less dramatic and dangerous I’ll admit. But there is a town called Fairbourne right by the sea. The Welsh government is no longer putting funds into the sea defences of the town. As a result over time the entire town will eventually be underwater, so now the people that live there can no longer sell there houses. Which effectively means they can’t leave. As I said different to the situation in California but climate refugees none the less.


I’ve heard that home rents are plummeting statewide specially in the Bay Area and real estate listings have skyrocketed. California doesn’t fall into the seas from an earthquake. The whole state becomes burnt to a crisp.


I heard it will get colder soon. Just hang in there. Winter is coming!


In some future nation, Little America is a part of town where you go get hamburgers and pick up uneducated religious fundamentalists to do day labor.


Climate refugees already existed. It didn’t suddenly become a thing because Americans experienced it.