TIL that LA had the largest urban farm in the US until it was torn down for warehouse development. The farm had been established by the L.A. Regional Food Bank.

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Bulldozed July 5th, 2006, and according to Google street view it’s still a vacant lot. What a shame.


When I worked the deli counter at a kroger, our fresh veggies for the sandwiches came in weekly from Compton. Granted, we’re in San Diego, so that chain is plausible, but I was always pissed I couldn’t buy those trays as a customer. Way better cuts than those ugly fucking tomatoes they sell retail. People have some weird fucking preconceptions about where their food comes from. “The Store” really does seem to be about as far as most people want to think about.


How does an urban farm help these multi-state corporate farms stock prices??? What are these people, Communists??? Think of the children! (or whatever other excuses politicians would use to justify this).


LA also had one of the best public rail systems of it’s time before the auto/oil companies bought it and tore out the tracks so everyone would have to buy cars and drive. Fuck humans.


that makes me very sad