Trump’s Shredding of Civil Liberties Won’t Stop With Antifa: An American was killed by federal agents and the president called it “retribution.” We are so far gone.

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Meanwhile, the conservatives on my social media are pretty much lusting after harming rioters and liberals.


Hey what ever happened to MS-13, that US prison gang that Fox was jerking itself off over? I guess they just magically vanished into thin air now that Antifa is the new imaginary BFF.


> Murphy reported multiple orders to “modify intelligence assessments to ensure they matched up with the public comments by President Trump on the subject of antifa and ‘anarchist’ groups.” Fucking damn it fuck, fuck these *Nineteen Eighty Four* motherfuckers. I want to *read* dystopian novels, not **be forced to live in one.**


“We sent in the US Marshals and it was taken care of in 15 minutes.” An extrajudicial execution ordered by the President. Chilling. America has taken a dark, troubling turn.


Mob motherfucking rule. Trump is a dictator-in-waiting, and the only thing that can save the union is YOU fucking voting.