What are some things about the military that recruiters don’t tell you?

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They don’t tell you that despite the Marine Corps’ reputation for being honorable, there are a lot of shady scum bags who join the Marines.


A very, very large part of your duties will involve cleaning. I was a nuclear reactor operator on a submarine. But mostly I cleaned it.


My recruiter never once lied to me. He answered every question I asked honestly. But I just didn’t ask the right questions.


My top insights: ​ * They don’t tell you the posts around the world where your prospective job might end up. Many jobs only have a few locations they can go, so if you planned on globe trotting but ended up in El Paso Texas, that’s your own fault. * They may not tell you how difficult it is to get promoted in your job. Some jobs are extremely difficult to make E-5 and virtually impossible to get E-6. Others are (relatively) very easy. * The definitely won’t tell you that certain jobs are prone to permanent injuries. Airborne and Air Assault sound cool, jumping out of airplanes and helicopters, fuck yeah hooah….. but virtually every single paratrooper has knee, ankle and back injuries, not to mention the occasional concussion. * PTSD is a motherfucker, you better hope you never see combat. * Everybody wanna get married in the military, it ~~never~~ rarely works out don’t try it. * They’re not going to tell you that most jobs are mostly dudes. Your best bet if you want to ever spend time around women are medical professions. It doesn’t matter which one. * They won’t generally tell you which jobs correlate well to civilian jobs. ​ I think I could go on but I’ll stop here.


You will be more bored than you have ever been in your entire life while you’re in the military. Not all the time, but there will be periods of time where the hours feel like days.