What banks give best benefits for high account balances?

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What is a “higher balance”. Things change around 250k,500k, and then around 1m. Things then change around 10-30m. You really shouldn’t be holding too much in straight cash though.


Brokerage signup bonuses usually get interesting at the $250k level. – Chase usually has a $700 offer, although there have been $2000 bonuses for joining Chase Private Client (do NOT allow them to manage your investments) – Merrill Edge might offer up to $1000 – E-Trade usually has bonuses – Schwab can match other brokerage offers, if you ask them to


What are your goals for this money? Cash/Money Market is good for emergency funds and money you’ll need in 3-5 years. For longer term goals, cash will offer very poor returns relative to the risk you can endure. Even if you’re risk tolerance is conservative, bonds will offer substantially more return than having it sit in a bank account.


“High balance” like 20k? Or like 2mm?


How high of a balance are we talking about?