What is the most interesting book detail not translated to the movie version of the book?

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It always bugged me that in The Hunger Games movies, they never take about how Haymitch won his games with double the participants. I can’t remember if they mention that he was a quarter quell winner either.


In the Shining, I feel like apart from the obvious deflections from the plot the character of Jack Torrance was completely different from the book. Movie Jack Torrance is a fucking terrifying man but Book Jack Torrance was relatable. Movie Jack Torrance acts like your typical asshole, he hates his wife and even kid. Book Jack Torrance was a tragic character because they show you how much he actually loves his family and how he’s trying so hard to be a good father and husband but the hotel gets to him and he loses himself piece by piece.


The Shining, Jack does not die by freezing outside. He has a moment of clarity in the midst of his insanity and smashes his own face in to avoid hurting his son. So good idk why they would not put that in the movie.


The Scouring of the Shire was only hinted at in LOTR. It was the hobbits’ seminal moment.


The dogs in Hunger Games had fur the color of each death tribute’s hair as well as a number around their neck. It would have been so easy to do and so devastating to look at (especially Rue). It was actually my favorite detail of the book and i found it so strange that it was not included in the movie. The dogs all had dark fur.