What’s the saddest thing you’ve done to pass time in quarantine?

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Got way into hummingbirds. Those little fuckers are mean to each other.


I spent a few days talking to an obvious catfish on kik just because it felt good to hear somebody say nice things to me and allowed me to pretend that someone likes me


Sleep. A lot of times I would wake up, and then go back to bed because my dreams were better than what was going on in my life. Edit: this is first time I’ve gotten awards on here soooo thanks? I guess? who wouldve thought depression was so relatable 😅


Looking through Reddit throughout the whole day


Back in March when my country was in full lockdown I used to take walks on Google street view. I’d put my headphones on and just go around my town for a while because I really wanted to see the normal world again. It was almost working too.