Woodward: ‘The president of the U.S. possessed specific knowledge that could have saved lives’

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> Woodward said he found out about a briefing the president received from his national security advisers on Jan. 28 about the pandemic coming to the United States and, only a few days later, Trump didn’t share that information in his State of the Union address to Congress on Feb. 4, which 40 million people watched. Imagine how much of a difference Trump addressing the threat of the Coronavirus during the State of the Union could have made to how seriously people (especially his supporters) viewed this virus


So willful neglect? That meets the legal requirements for homicide.


That is the bottom line. First don’t shoot the messenger. Woodward did not have any obligation to do anything other then what he did, collect information about the presidents dereliction of duty. He was not the president. The people who Woodward ‘could have’ warned were not the ones who would have listened. The people not wearing masks were Trump fanatics, and religious nutjobs. These people will not listen to anyone except 1)Trump 2) Jesus F’n Christ (and in that order) Trump could have publicly downplayed, and then privately prepared the nation by making important executive moves to secure PPE, create ventilators, and a national testing protocol… so that when the epidemic got worse we would be ready. Instead he withdrew from WHO, blamed democrats for a ‘hoax’, and his people still won’t wear masks and casually allow infections to rise. ‘But the numbers are going down’ The numbers that are now being manipulated and misconstrued on a daily basis by republican governors who place Trump’s reelection over the lives of their fellow citizens. But he did the worst of both worlds… he screwed us all in public then screwed us behind closed doors by inaction and sloth. Watch all of his ‘advisors and defenders’ they all sound exactly the same, mealy mouthed, lying cretins who care only about protecting the boss, and making up what-about-isms and false equivalency attacks on anyone who dares questions Trump’s sainthood. Strap in folks… we aren’t even half way done.


And how many of his cabinet possessed the same specific knowledge and could have been using their 25th amendment powers to do something to save lives?


Trump tweeted in April for states to LIBERATE when they were being placed under mask mandates