‘You know what is actually threatening our suburbs – fires’: Biden mocks Trump’s law and order fear-mongering in climate crisis speech

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> As more than a hundred wildfires continued to threaten the western states of California, Oregon and Portland, Mr Biden said the president had roundly failed to even acknowledge the cause of the blazes. Meanwhile, my social media is fucking convinced that antifa are running around setting fires to federal land and how they need to be put down.


I don’t know a single damn person who lost their house to looters or rioters. I know several who have lost them to banks or fires though


Trump doesn’t care about those suburbs, they’re in blue states. He’d rather worry about imaginary threats in red states.


When is the Republican Party not fearmongering? I swear, it is their entire platform. Making fragile whites terrified that the radical left is going to come get their guns and upend their old school, racist way of life.


“You know who is actually setting the fires – Antifa” -Cult45