Christian nationalism is not religious freedom

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I keep getting surprised (though I know I shouldn’t be) by the lack of self awareness exhibited by those who would advocate such religious nationalism. By every measure Christianity is in steep decline. Should they ever achieve, partially or fully, their goals they must realize they’d be creating a precedent they will not long enjoy. They will soon become the minority with drastically waning influence in the public square. To put it simply, how could they not realize they are making the blue print for how to bully religious minorities?… And they are going to be one of those minorities in less than a generation.


Anyone else notice they usually say “religious freedom” instead of “freedom of religion”? I’m starting to think those are two different things. “Religious freedom” seems to some Christians to mean “the freedom to do whatever I want in the name of my religion and to hell with anybody else.”


No reasonable sane person would like living in a theocracy. Religious rule always turns into horrible dictatorship where individuals serve leaders who become untouchable and use it for their personal gain.


Christian Nationalists have all the religious freedom they could ever want Christian nationalism is just not religious freedom for YOU.


These are the same people that flip out about Sharia law like it’s some big evil thing, apparently not realizing imposing their religious beliefs on everyone else via political policy is the same thing… Edit: not to say that Sharia law is not bad–it most certainly IS bad. Just pointing out that Christians in the US are just as bad when trying to insert their religion into political policy/law. It’s two sides of the same coin.