Five suspects in Michigan governor kidnap plot held without bail, await jury trial

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I’m pretty sure that 5 domestic terrorists involved in this being held without bail is about 9 domestic terrorists short.


Are they going to be tried for treason, like they were going to do to the Governor in some kind of makeshift trial of their doing? Are they going to suffer the penalty for treason, like they were going to do to the Governor?


Thank god for once there’s no cash bail


*Mark Satawa, an attorney for Garbin, argued that his client should be permitted to be released and put under house arrest at his parents’ home, saying there was not yet sufficient evidence that Garbin posed a threat and that he had an “admirable personal record” with no criminal history.* Lives with his parents…I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you.


Today my mechanic tried to convince me this was all a hoax, taking my car across the street from him from now on