Watchdog group accuses Amy Coney Barrett of “unconscionable cruelty” in teen rape case. Barrett decided to overturn a $6.7M jury award to a teen allegedly raped in a jail run by ex-Sheriff David Clarke

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So if I read their decision correctly, the guard in question raped these women while on official duty for the county, on county property, but the county can’t be held liable because rape wasn’t in his job description. Nice. Well, Amy Coney Barrett had her kids take piano lessons, so it’s all good.


>A jury awarded the woman $6.7 million in 2017, which was upheld by District Judge J.P. Stadmueller before the Seventh Circuit Court overturned the ruling in September 2018…. Barrett joined Judges Daniel Manion and Robert Gettleman in reversing the district court ruling against the county, though it upheld the judgement against Thicklen. Since rape wasn’t in the counties’ training manual, the rapes were thus not within the institution, but were a private matter which happened to occur within the prison. You got that?? Cuz that’s the way Barrett saw it.


**”After a 19-year old pregnant prison inmate was repeatedly raped by a prison guard, Amy Coney Barrett ruled that the county responsible for the prison could not be held liable because the sexual assaults fell outside of the guard’s official duties.** Her judgment demonstrates a level of unconscionable cruelty that has no place on the high court,” Kyle Herrig, president of the progressive watchdog group Accountable.US, told Salon. **”The only thing more concerning than the rush to confirm by Senate Republicans is what we are learning about Amy Coney Barrett’s extremist record. It is hardly surprising that she has dodged question after question during her testimony.”**


Conservatives’ ideology that creates this nexus of sex, violence, punishment and state power is utterly depraved. These people are monsters with deep pathologies to which they feel compelled to subject all of humanity. Fucking gross and more than a little scary.


Pro-rape and anti-abortion are views that align perfectly with the idea that misfortune is the responsibility of the victim.