8 million Americans slipped into poverty amid coronavirus pandemic, new study says

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Considering so many people were straddling the poverty line, this is not surprising. A lot of us are/were one paycheck away…one medical emergency away…one bad day away from being poor.


Had we done what other countries like Canada, Germany and others did which was provide a safety net and a fully functional website for registration, millions would not be in poverty. Instead, we gave tax cuts to corporations and billionaires while ending assistance aster a few Short months.. How’s that working out?


Dont worry…. our politicians will take care of the poor and middle class just as FAST as they did handing out 5-6-7-8? TRILLION to big businesses Right?? What’d we get again? That was OUR money no? What exactly did we pay for with all that money?? A stock market barely any one of us has any real money in?? Yep… keep voting for these same clowns and while we’re at it, let’s argue about all these stupid things they pit us against each other with every single election year. All while they hand themselves TRILLIONS of OUR money. Yep… who’s the fool


What about us who were already poor? Yeah, were fucked. Life is fucked beyond belief now. There’s no hope coming, there’s no way out. Suicidal thoughts are commonplace at this point.


Lol, it’s not the “lockdowns”. Corporations are not spending money on the old ways of business anymore. No meetings, expos, or conventions means no business travel. No business travel means no flights (which means no building new airplanes), no hotel stays, no dining out 5 nights in a row. Without that, smaller business suffer, hotels and restaurants can’t afford staff, and a host of other businesses and employees are affected on down the supply chain. Blaming all this on government’s “response” is unrealistic.