Oracle CEO donated $250K to Graham Super PAC days before TikTok deal went through: report

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I love how the US is totally cool with bribery.


This really isn’t surprising considering tobacco companies literally “lobbied” to be able sell people products that will kill them, and how pharmaceutical companies also helped cause the opiod pandemic.


Come on South Carolina. This dude is embarrassingly corrupt.


That’s “the good old days of segregation” Graham.


Super PACs exist for businesses to legally bribe politicians. Lobbyists used to purchase summer homes for politicians, guarantee ivy league admission for politician’s children, and connect people to other associates who will create lucrative contracts, etc, but now a rich donor has a much easier, much more publicly acceptable way to gain undying loyalty from a party representative. Now they just throw some of the money that was meant for paying taxes on your businesses books and instead give them to political super PAC and write off that donation. Instead of paying taxes that will help fund schools, they can pay bribes to politicians that will do their bidding.