Silly Questions Saturday, October 17, 2020

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During World War 2 when there were shows/travelling entourages of entertainers brought to entertain front line troops, were there any documented circus clowns doing this, and if so were they ever surprise attacked during a show and the clowns had to be involved in brutal anti tank combat while wearing red noses and wigs?


When did people realize the seasons were reversed in the southern hemisphere?


How did females of the past deal with feminine hygiene?


Did ancient civilizations have museums of their past? If they did, how did the archeologists determine that it was a museum and not items still utilized during that timeframe?


If we had sixteen fingers, would we still use the Babylonian base 16 numbering system exclusively or were there advantages that drove us to base 10? EDIT: Oops, that’s base 60 for the Babylonians. The Chinese used base 16.