Why I was raised atheist

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My parents left the Catholic Church over birth control. They raised me to be what I wanted to be, and I chose to remain the atheist that I was at birth. All children would benefit from such an upbringing.


Give them both hugs. They deserve them.


I assume your parents aren’t even gay, and may not be close with anyone who is gay, which says they are just good people. They just want people to be treated fairly, even if it doesn’t directly affect them. You’re lucky!!


We raised our kids atheist (they are in their 20’s now) because we were both atheists from the get go. It wasn’t always easy but by doing things like making sure I was the Cub Scout leader, the soccer coach, etc. I could make sure that things stayed sane and secular.


That’s wonderful. What an inspiring story. I wish more people would see through the church bullshit and opt out.