LPT: Do not try to be the man your father would want you to be. Be the man you would like your son to be be. It more clearly defines your own convictions, desires, goals, and motivates you to be your best.

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I make an effort every day and ask myself “am I the dad I wanted when I was their age”? I can proudly say 9 times out of 10 the answer is yes.


That reminds me of a common mythological motif. It’s something like you’re not suppose to live on the flesh of your dead ancestors; instead you’re suppose to revive your own culture which calls for updating it because its certain that overtime it becomes flawed and corrupted. So you’re suppose to look to your father for wisdom up till a certain extent and then transcend it which makes your family’s culture become better over time for your children. Obviously there will be cases where parents are absolute hell and the circumstances will be more difficult to contend with. I feel like the point might slide across for some people because it revolves around a family value, but the main point is to aim at something transcended that is above of what’s already there so you’re not shackled to the burdens that have been conditioned on you.


Another trick is to ask yourself if 8 year old you (or whatever year you want) would look up to you and think you’re cool. If the answer is yes, you’re doing alright. Edit: For people who are missing my point – I’m not talking about trying to be a “cool” parent. I’m talking about being a person that a *younger version of youself* would look up to and think is cool as a person. Whatever your definition of cool is is up to you. For me it has to do with being adventurous, fun, kind, and passionate. Feel free to pick your own definition.


Or just be the person that you yourself want to be lmao