[Report] Goldman Sachs is trying to dump 38M shares of Uber. The sellers are unknown, but Bloomberg points to 9 large holders led by SoftBank Group, Benchmark Capital, Morgan Stanley, FMR, Public Investment Fund and Alphabet.

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Uber sucks


Uber and Lyft are dead. They got in during a small window before robotaxis and shared vehicles will take over their purpose.


Glad I sold my Uber shares, Monday will likely be brutal


Giving up on self driving / the shenanigans with the Levandowski case / prop 22 ended whatever appeal the stock had for me.


The gig business is difficult to scale, and therefore, not a lucrative investment. There’s either drivers/hosts making bank or drivers/hosts just looking to get by. Out of driving, delivery, and hosting, ABNB is has probably the most potential. Wouldn’t touch it right now though