US judge blocks Trump administration’s sweeping asylum rules

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Trump is going to rage on Twi….oh wait.


>Donato took issue with how people came to lead the Department of Homeland Security. Wolf became acting secretary in November 2019, replacing Kevin McAleenan, who was also in an acting role. Courts have ruled that Wolf improperly leapfrogged to the top job from his position as undersecretary for strategy, policy and plans. >Donato, like other judges, said McAleenan, who had been Customs and Border Protection commissioner, also was promoted to the top Homeland Security job out of order, making his handover to Wolf have “no legal effect whatsoever.” >Homeland Security has been without a Senate-confirmed secretary since Kirstjen Nielsen resigned in April 2019. Glad to see judges questioning the authority of these “acting” cabinet members who’ve been in power for months. It’s an abuse of the system that’s intended to provide transparency and insight into the most powerful members of the executive branch below the President.


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Give trump constant Ls today. Just keep them going.


Look at the bright side of the disfunction of the Trump presidency. Since he wanted to rule by executive order, nearly everything he did can be undone with the stroke of a pen.