ER doctors and nurses of reddit, what is the dumbest cause of injury you’ve ever seen?

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Operating theatre – this woman came in with a frozen chicken stuck inside her vagina. Apparently she had a habit of buying them, inserting them and then pulling them out, as she really had a thing for going through childbirth, but on this occasion, she hadn’t allowed time for it to defrost properly /adequately.


Had a university student who ignited a firework in his anus while drunk for the amusement of his buddies. It exploded, causing full thickness burns of his rectum and injured his external sphincter – resulting in him needing a colostomy


I had a young man come into the ER one evening with a sex toy lost in his ass from the previous night. Turns out he didn’t have any more sick days at work and spent the day framing a house with a dildo whirring away in his sphincter. He came to the hospital right after work. He was really glad when the batteries died somewhere around lunchtime.


Had a patient come in who had a light bulb wedged down his pee hole, who had apparently tried to run an electrical current into his anus to see if the light lit up. Apparently it did. But was it worth all of the ass burns??


I was the dumb injury in the ER. I stepped off the sidewalk wrong and rolled my ankle so bad I tore all four ligaments… Because I was distracted by seeing a really cute puppy.