FBI arrests Nashville zip-tie suspect from assault on U.S. Capitol

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>Those images then led to a video, livestreamed in the hours after the riot, showing the pair having drinks in the lobby of a Washington, D.C., hotel. The man was still wearing the same camouflage clothing. Celebrating insurrection like an idiot


> Immediately following the riot at the Capitol, intense interest had focused on a **photograph taken by Getty Images chief photographer Win McNamee** showing a masked, camouflaged invader in the Senate gallery with a holstered weapon on his right side and the zip-tie handcuffs in his left hand. They are not letting that Via Getty incident happen again.


> “It’s the people’s house. We want to go in and be heard,” the man added. “If frickin’ Mitch McConnell can’t speak up for us, I’ll speak up for Republicans.” Another man responded, “We’re not asking for permission anymore.” McConnell not Republican enough apparently.


I bet some FBI agents have their work cut out for them sifting through his social media and chatroom history…


Good. That dipshit clearly had zip ties to hold hostages. You don’t bring zip ties for shit like this just for kicks and giggles. Place his ass in jail.