Missing Cat Home After Five Years After Owner Sees Shelter Photo

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My roommate (Let’s call her Sarah) got a cat one time, and a few hours later he’d scratched a hole in our screened in balcony and escaped. Sarah was so incredibly upset, and we spent hours looking for him…Until the next day we get a call that someone thinks they found him! They arrive with the lil black fur ball, and we ask where they found him. They said a town about 20 miles away. I exchanged a look with our third roommate and see that she also realizes this is not the same cat. He’s a little smaller, too. But Sarah was SO happy and relieved. So, we just…didn’t tell her. We kept an eye on other found cat posts, but ultimately realized the original cat was gone. Years later my third roommate finally admitted that it was a different cat. Sarah thought it was hilarious and even called me later that day to tell me the news that it wasn’t really the original cat. I was like “What? Noooo…..really?!” Anyways, I’m glad the two in this story were reunited, but a part of me always wonders when the animal isn’t microchipped…is that REALLY the original Moose, or just a look alike?


The is a very sweet story and I don’t want to sound callous but I have this sinking feeling the cat is unimpressed. Full disclosure: I’m a dog person. My first pet, a cat, dumped me.