mRNA Vaccines Could Vanquish Covid Today, Cancer Tomorrow

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It’s almost like pumping money into science can lead to amazing, revolutionary things that makes everyone’s life better!


> In the 1990s, she lost her funding, was demoted, had her salary cut and suffered other setbacks. But she stuck with it. Really admirable.


People will look back at Covid as the reason cancer is just an annoyance like broken bones or infections.


Yes and no. There are already (non-mRNA) vaccine trials and they look promising, and certainly a portion of patients will be cured. So mRNA vaccines could very definitely improve and supercharge the current technology, but 1) there are still plenty of resistance mechanisms and mRNA vaccines will face the same ones the current technology faces and 2) not all individual cancers have sufficient quantity and/or quality of neoantigens to make vaccination a viable therapy. It’s exciting to think what mRNA vaccines can do, but by no means will it “vanquish cancer”.


Rofl the title makes it sound so straightforward, provides false hope like most science headlines from people that don’t actually know how the process works.