Paris agrees to turn Champs-Élysées into ‘extraordinary garden’, reducing car traffic by 50 percent

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The picture is a bit insane with a beach around the Arc de Triomphe. There are soo many people visiting that would be the worst beach ever haha. Now still, I think this could be nice, I was underwhelmed by the Champ-Elyses when I went there, it’s just a street with stores and a big park at the end. Still, Paris is beyond amazing, a week there wasn’t even enough. We marveled every day at everything, but a this idea could be spectacular for that mythical place. Man I miss Paris.


That place is pure vehicular Chaos at the moment


Climate politics aside I believe cities do need more green spaces and more trees. Whoever thought grey and beige were good colors for cities is an asshole. I really didn’t except this to blow up. I like trees and I hate being in large cities the lack of nature throws me off. I like cities becoming greener not really for the climate but just so they don’t look so depressing.


It’ll make the final stage of the tour de france more exciting if nothing else “And they’ve cleared the mini forest section, now the breakaway is about to hit the beach”


Ooo, ooo. Now do Oxford Street