Scientists Just Created New Way to Make Rocket Fuel From Methane on Mars

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“Liquid hydrogen fuel leaves carbon residue in rocket engines” What.


There is no methane on mars. This article is talking about a new way to convert CO2 to methane with a simpler process. Methane is the fuel output, not input.


did my thesis on this, it’s not that new :/ whole article is insanity starting with the title


> Researchers have found a new way to convert methane into rocket fuel on Mars Em, Raptors run on methane — methane _is_ rocket fuel! Anyway, the summary is, I think: A new 1-step process to make methane using carbon dioxide and water using a zinc catalyst, as opposed to the known 2-step process. And then seemingly converting the methane to hydrogen (as “rocket fuel”) for some reason. They do mention that both SpaceX and Blue Origin have methane engines, but burning methane leaves a carbon residue in the engine (does it? Even if running fuel rich?)


As others have said, this article makes no sense and seems to change subject every paragraph. It reads like it was written by a bot. That said, what I would like to see is someone land a rocket in Antarctica, or perhaps in the desert in South America, create it’s own fuel, and then launch itself again. If you can’t create your own fuel *in situ* here on earth, what possibility do you have on Mars?