TIL about “the Singing Revolution” which happened between 1987 and 1991 in Estonia when people gathered in public places to sing national songs together despite the ban. This and the “human chain” from Estonia to Lithuania were among the events that led to the independence of Baltic states.

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My family and I ate at a restaurant in Estonia that’s been open since 1550. 1550!! Crazy. Same recipes for lamb stew, beer and rootbeer from 1550 as well. I’ll never forget it. Incredible history.


_That’s_ how you do it!


I thought the image on the title didn’t look like estonians.


Footloose, footloose, protest the establishment and let loose!


had a choir director who was OBSESSED with this. so much so that our community college had it’s own Estonian choir and we participated in several Estonian festivals around the US. Very nice people. they take their vocal music VERY seriously. they have a huge music festival where over 5000 voices sing in unison called laulupidu to celebrate this very occurrence.