What are some rap lyrics a dog could use to brag about having a tennis ball?

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This bitch got balls that bounce for real All the boys on the block tryna cop a damn feel This girl’s got game, fellas check yo’ paws I’ll steal your ball while you hand me applause Cause I’m here to play and I’m here to win— Hold up, lemme pee next to this bin— Now back to the chase, got the wind in my hair Eyes on the prize as it flies through the air— No other bitch this level of ballin’ Gravity’s got my balls all fallin’ Down like rain as I make my plays I’m a good girl, call me Miss. Behave


I got balls And I mean both ways When bitches look They see balls for days Those other wack pups Barely off pads Tryna piss on my turf Son it’s gonna end bad I tell ya I’m the real D OG Even McGruff Wouldn’t step to me I’m fucking alpha Got mad stacks of grey Bitches at my call And fiddy humans tamed All I gotta do is growl Tennis balls at my paws Yo all I gotta do is howl And tennis balls at my paws You think you compare To the mad dog dog god 50 balls in the air An I catch em with a head nod Watch that shit fly up and down Watch me walk this fuckin town I got a million grey balls You got a squeaker like a clown Like dog for real that shit is obscene Run along and enjoy another zoo scene


woof woof bark bark bark woof


My name is MCDoggy and I’m here to bark I found a sweet-ass tennis ball in my park All the little bitches in heat Commin’ up to me for my kibbles and meat But I aint layin down my bone Till I mark all the bushes near my home


I can’t suggest any but I note you have posed an original question … unlike so many others.