A fear of heights in outer space would just become a fear of getting too close to a planet

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A fear of the sensation of gravity


Falling never hurt anyone…hitting the ground does.


Unless your fear of heights is actually based on being too far from a planet rather than on falling, maybe?


I don’t know how to describe this but having played VR space games (elite dangerous/space sim/outerwilds mod) there is a visceral apprehension to coming up too close to a planet. It’s kind of like the immensity is just overwhelming. Very quickly you are scaled down to an insane degree and just feel naked and vulnerable. I usually croutch down and huddle when it’s particularly bad. Also the void in VR is terrifying too. Once zoomed out in space sim the farthest I could and just couldnt take staring down at a cluster of the known universe with complete darkness everywhere around me.


I sense this will make it to hot.