How a Toronto researcher is helping to identify those who attacked U.S. Capitol

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Thanks Canada!


Thank you Mr. Scott-Railton for helping your loud, obnoxious, pompous neighbor to the south. We are indebted to you sir.


Lol since when is reddit a fan of increased technological surveillance measures


As much as I disagree with what happened and even moreso why it happened, this kind of thing is a bit frightening and seems like it’d be easy to make a slippery slope argument against this guys work. What’s even more frightening to me is that I couldn’t make that argument without being immediately cast as sympathetic to the ‘cause’ of these morons.


This is not good- more facial recognition technology is not the answer it can be used farcically easy by bad actors and govts, including the USA- what happens when a worse version of trump comes along and uses this technology? Maddening how easily people want the police state shit; people seem to be begging for a patriot act 2 but keep exclaiming how China is a big brother surveillance state