How do I convince my family that when a stock price dips they shouldn’t panic sell

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You should yell “SELL SELL SELL” to them every single day, because these types of people are not made for investing in the stock market.


Don’t talk to them again about stocks, they will always make you doubt your own picks.


As my mom (a financial investor) says: “I don’t take advice from broke people.”


This is what I did to convince my rents that holding long-term and forgetting about it is the most lucrative strategy. Show them a graph of a well-known stock put it on a 1 year range or even longer (5, 10, max years). Then they’ll see that no matter how many times the stock dips, financially sound companies always find ways to beat it.


Tell them that you bought in to x stock at say 100 to hold to 200 if it go’s down it’s like them going to the shop to buy a coca cola for $1 but when they get there the coca cola is having a 50% of sale so now they can buy more coca for there money Tell than you pray for your stocks to fall as you love a discount and won’t be selling till it hits your price target Ask them where they think there pension money is They might be shocked to find out it’s not in a cash bank account and that that pension companies invest in stocks and Bitcoin Just hold and have cash to buy dips