TIL the idea caffeinated coffee & tea dehydrate you is misunderstood. It’s true that caffeine can be a weak diuretic – (stimulates urination) – but the loss is negated by the water in the drink itself. You’re ingesting more fluids than urinating when drinking a cup of caffeinated coffee or tea.

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The study everyone sites to claim that you need to drink eight literal cups of water a day has been misrepresented since it was released. While it does say you need to consume approximately eight cups worth of water a day it also says you get most of that from food and other drinks, even beer and coffee.


I dont know about all that because when I drink a 20 oz coffee I probably piss a good 100 ozs after


Funny thing.. US talks of coffee making them poop.. Indians talk of coffee making them constipated.. just so amusing.


Idk dude. I piss like a racehorse when I drink coffee.


But why does black coffee make my mouth dry? 🙁 i guess that would be the place where the misconception started