80% say Tokyo Olympics should be called off or won’t happen

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It’s a fucking sports competition. Just leave it until 2024. It’s not that important. Edit: There’s a lot of people saying how badly the athletes are affected by this, and you’re absolutely right, it’s crushing to them. If they cared about the athletes, they could have them bubble together like many sports teams have this past year, and televise the games so they don’t miss their shot. But because that won’t bring in vast amounts of tourism, they don’t, because it’s not about the athletes to the people making these decisions, not even remotely. And the chance for these athletes to compete is not worth packing massive stadiums full of people in close proximity, and having huge amounts of international travel. One person brings COVID into a stadium with thousands of people, now thousands of people, potentially including those athletes, have COVID.


Just do it on Zoom.


Picked up a bunch of tokyo 2020 merch when I was there, hopefully it’ll be worth something in 50 years


NBC running ads during Football on Saturday for TOKYO 2020. I’m like, did anybody bother to look at this ad before re-releasing it and maybe some intern with a graphic design degree could just change it to 2021?


Just delay the Olympics until 2022 and restart with Tokyo. Every venue gets pushed back 2 years, and the summer/winter games switch from when they were originally scheduled.