9,000 children died at ‘brutally misogynistic’ homes for unmarried mothers in Ireland

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>Mother and baby homes were institutions where young pregnant women were sent, often under pressure from local clergy. There, they would give birth and eventually be separated from their children, who were offered up for adoption, sometimes in the US. >Through painstaking research, Catherine Corless established that 796 children had died at the home, and were interred in chambers in a former sewage tank. Local boys playing at the site had previously discovered human bones under a concrete slab. >In the 1930s and 1940s, over 40% of children in the homes died before their first birthday, the commission found. Sounds more like a dog kennel where if they aren’t sold they get put down.


Sinéad O’Connor has entered the chat (she took a lot of heat for how she chose to rail against this back in ’92).


The ProLifers must be so proud of their hard work.


I wonder how many children were birthed against their mothers wishes because “God loves the unborn” and then tortured to death in those same homes. >”There was very little respect for illegitimate children at the time – there was a lot of neglect of the babies. I believe with a little bit of hygiene and a little bit of care, a lot of the babies could’ve been saved. It screams of pure neglect.” Yep. Exactly. Just allow abortion.


Neglect?? It’s screams murder to me.