A Finn, Swede and Norwegian were on a plane. The pilot announced: “Too much weight! Too much weight!”

The Norwegian dropped an orange off the plane. The pilot repeated: “Too much weight! Too much weight!” The Swede dropped a banana peel. Yet again there was the request: “Too much weight! Too much weight!” The Finn dropped a bomb. When the plane finally landed, the Finn, Swede and Norwegian went for a walk and eventually ran into a crying boy. “Why are you crying?” “An orange hit me in the head!” They moved on and after a while ran into a crying girl. “Why are you crying?” “I slipped on a banana peel…” After a few more minutes on the road, they met a girl and a boy who were laughing with tears in their eyes. “What’s got you so happy?” “Our teacher farted so hard the school blew up!”

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To be fair, the title alone can be a joke when you remember how fat we Finns are… 😀


The passengers’ nationalities sure seemed unnecessary.


A literal bomb or a figurative one?