A teenage student in Ireland has won a national science competition for developing technology that can more easily detect “deepfake” videos online.

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The trouble, is that any technology that visually recognises recognises deepfakes can be used to train better deepfakes.


There will never be a single solution or “cure” for this problem. Thicker armor to stop bullet? Bigger, more powerful guns. Leads to using thicker armor, leads to other side developing more powerful bullets, etc.


His dad is the CTO of an IT company who probably helped a lot. Same with every winner from the BT Young Scientist & Technologist of the Year award someone related to the winner is in the field their project is about.


this is important. it scares me thinking about how deepfake videos can be used to radicalize the easily gullible in today’s political environment.


Good luck trying to prove all those famous people DIDNT sing dame da ne