Apple Cider Vinegar

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The human body naturally produces acids in the stomach to facilitate digestion. For a number of reasons, people can be deficient in stomach acid. If this is the case then you will benefit from acid supplementation. Acid supplementation(in case of low acid)will improve digestion, which will improve absorption(you are NOT what you eat, you are what you ABSORB), when you improve absorption, you improve health. An acidic environment(stomach)is especially important for protein digestion. A high normal stomach acidity level also helps deter any bacteria which you may have ingested. Many people fear acid because of “Acid Reflux” or “too much acid” As stated above, normal acid levels are necessary for proper digestion, low acid levels lead to food that is not properly digested, food that is not properly digested begins to decay, decaying food turns acidic, decaying food acid is VERY irritating to the body, your own naturally produced acid is not, AND any naturally produced acid(betaine)is not, and any fermented acid(vinegar)is not. As with anything, the right amount is important. Too much is a problem, too little is a problem.


The only benefit I’ve noticed from it is that i stay regular and take the biggest poops ever when I wake up every morning. I take it pill form before I go to bed.


Apple cider vinegar acts as an excellent natural… conditioner! For your hair! Believe it or not it doesn’t actually smell like vinegar as long as you wash it all out. That being said, don’t drink it. Don’t take it in pill form. If you want to incorporate it in your cooking that’s fine. You definitely don’t need to be drinking it. There’s little to no evidence to suggest that helps you in any way. More evidence to suggest its harmful to be drinking it straight. It’s vinegar after all.


It’s a vinegar not some sort of magical elixir. That said it does make a delicious vinaigrette.


I’ve heard that it damages the teeth because of the acidity.