Banks halt business with Trump after U.S. Capitol riots

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I feel as if everybody is just using the Capitol building incident as cover to cut ties with him. PGA, banks and other politicians could have done this long ago but chose not too.


Signature Bank shut two of his personal accounts, how many does he have?: “A spokeswoman for Signature Bank, where Trump had $5.3 million, said the business was shuttering two of his personal accounts and calling on him to resign. “We have never before commented on any political matter and hope to never do so again,” the bank said in a statement.”


Deutsch bank is dropping him, is that before or after he pays them the 340 million he owes them?


They said Trump was going to run America like a business. This is what happened.


Ooooh, thats gonna hurt. I remember a story from few years back that banks know he is basically broke, but bankroll him anyway because of the brand name. And now he basically destroyed the illusion of the brand for anyone but a very niche market.