China agrees to let in WHO team investigating Covid origins

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Over a year later after they have a planned choreographed bullshit set of events set up for them


Wow! And only just over a year after the discovery of the virus, what a timely achievement with totally nothing shady going on during the entire year that foreign officials were completely blocked from investigating in China. I wonder if they’re going to be given as comprehensive of a visit as those (I think BBC?) journalists who visited the Uighur concentration camps a while back


2 WHO member’s visa not cleared, CHINA IS HIDING SOMETHING!! WHO are now let in, CHINA ALREADY HIDES EVERYTHING!!


Alright. I hate the CCP just as much as everyone else here, but I can’t help thinking that people are looking too hard into this. Two members were delayed for a few days due to visa issues but then the team were let in. I can’t help but feel that most people here think it is an investigation into some sort of potential conspiracy theory that China is desperately trying to hide. The WHO team is just trying to determine how it jumped to humans. I can’t really see why China would want to “hide the truth” like a lot of people are insinuating.


I’m sure as long as the WHO team don’t deviate from the tour group it’ll all be fine.