COVID herd immunity will not happen in 2021, says WHO

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This is my shocked face! And at the rate of vaccination so far, it will be until 2023 at the earliest.


Question. At what point in the vaccination timeline are we going to say, “Alright, everyone who’s elderly and high risk that wanted to be vaccinated has been vaccinated. If you’re choosing to not get vaccinated for whatever reason that’s fine but we’re not going to protect you from yourself anymore.” My wife already has been and I fully plan to but not everyone will get vaccinated for whatever reason. At what point does the world open back up and go back to concerts, no masks and live sports, movie theaters, etc… Does that make sense?


Also as soon as regular people start getting the vaccine, the anti-mask dipshits will start claiming they’ve been vaccinated.


I’m so done with all of this shit now. I can’t wait to get off this rock.


Let’s say european countries achieve herd immunity this summer and by the end of 2021 maybe even better than that, Then I don’t see why things over here wouldn’t go back to normal.