Donald Trump labelled a ‘domestic terrorist’ by former US deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage

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That’s exactly what he is. A traitor. A terrorist. A coward.


I am loving how he is being called out in his last days of presidency and he cannot easily push through them with lies


It’s not enough to recognize Donald Trump as a domestic terrorist. His enablers such as Graham, Gaetz, Bannon and Hawley are all domestic terrorists. His supporting organizations such as Proud Boys are also domestic terrorists. The Trump Organization is a terrorist organization at that. They are all seditious traitors to the American Republic, and they should all be treated as such.


I like how he can’t respond to this. This is his legacy. A terrorist dictator who incites injuring and killing cops


Trump is cornered. He must be removed right now. This must be laid at McConnell’s and the senate’s feet right now.