Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet service has been approved in the UK, and people are already receiving their beta kits

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I’m in Atlantic Canada and a friend just got hooked up with it here. You have to out-right buy the rigguns to connect (~$800 CDN) and it’s ~$120 CDN/ month. IIRC, he said the download speed is about 50 mbps right now with plans to very quickly increase that to ludicrous speed.


*The Kingsmen would like to know your location*


has anyone used this? i live in a rural area of northeast USA with poor internet options, i was considering it.


I’d KILL For this in the east coast/NYC region. I NEED a fucking option away from Comcast already!


This is amazing to hear about. We pay $120 for 1.5 down and .5 up from the only DSL provider in our area. Haven’t done satellite due to ping speeds.