Facebook to remove ‘stop the steal’ content ahead of inauguration

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You’re still an info-terrorist Zuck.


Facebook is part of the problem too.


This is making me realize a lot of people didn’t see social media as a internet Cafe, that lets you sit in it and talk, but if you’re bad for business you’re out. Bad analogy, but you get the point. Instead they saw it as a right. Just because you didn’t pay, didn’t make it not a business, those ads you saw just footed the bill. The real question from this should be how do we keep a actual news source safe.


So… hear me out here – 1) I’m totally down with Facebook taking down inciteful bs off of their site. 2) I’m also down with them banning repeat offenders. 3) I’m very down with legislation getting passed that puts the power of regulating voices online into law. So they’re actual crimes, with outlined offenses, a due process, and a means to defend ones voice online. Tech companies shouldn’t be controlling what should and should not be seen online. Facebook’s manipulation of media is definitely a factor on why things have gotten so far out of hand. Twitter and Google also share the blame here. We need to break them up and outline what constitutes as dangerous or harmful information online. Then we need to enforce those laws evenly.


Better late the never I guess 🤷 Zucc the Fuck is behind the insurrectionists 110% though so this is just saving face